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Summer Yoga Program for Teenagers

POPA students in Cobra pose during 2012 P.O.P.S. class.

POPA students in Cobra pose during 2012 P.O.P.S. class.

McNeel Middle School girls soccer team, led through guided meditation by Peggy Frain, 2016.

McNeel Middle School girls soccer team, led through guided meditation by Peggy Frain, 2016.

5th graders doing Mountain Pose with Peggy Frain, 2014.

5th graders doing Mountain Pose with Peggy Frain, 2014.

2014 Beloit girls soccer team with Peggy Frain.

2014 Beloit girls soccer team with Peggy Frain.

P.O.P.s. - Power of positive stretch

Mondays, June 20 – Aug. 8  •  $40

(There are no classes 7/4 or 7/18. POPS was originally posted as taking place on Tuesdays. But due to scheduling conflicts, classes will be offered on Mondays. We apologize for the confusion.)

10:30-11:15am: 5th-8th grade kids
11:30–12:15pm: High Schoolers

Yoga has been scientifically proven to help the body stay healthy and the mind stay focused, two essentials for young people. With the many distractions and temptations our teenagers face these days,  this practice can help them feel good -- both inside and out. 

The summer program has been scheduled to compliment the Evansville/Albany P.O.P.A. program. But you DON'T have to be a POPA participant to take these yoga classes! Classes are open to ALL KIDS interested. Email to register. (Payment will be made at the 1st class.)

Here was Peggy's young students have to say…

"I wish you could do yoga with our team every week. Seems like we play better after!" —S.V.; 7th grader, Beloit
"Coach encouraged us starting yoga last year but I ended up liking how it made me feel. So I'm going to do it again this year." —G.C., 17 yrs old, Evansville
"I finished my season injury-free after starting yoga. Now I do the stretches before every game. If I don't, I can tell." —L.E.; 16 yrs old, Evansville
"I used the breathing things you taught us last week and it helped me. I didn't get as frustrated when everything gets busy. Thank you!" —Rock Co. Youth Service Center resident


BEGINNERS and LEVEL 1 classes have new names and slightly new formats!!

  • Beginners is now Hatha Yoga Basics

  • Level 1 is now Intermediate Hatha Yoga

  • Change takes place with the next registration dates: June 20 – August 8. 

HATHA YOGA BASICS is open to students NEW to yoga and those who prefer a slightly slower pace. Basic poses will be practiced, such as Warrior 2, Downward Facing Dog, and Cobra. For students who have been practicing, you'll be encouraged to go deeper in our poses. For new students, you'll learn proper alignment and build confidence in your practice. This new format is in answer to a frequent request for a class between the previous Beginners and Level 1 classes, but will be perfect for student brand new to yoga too!

INTERMEDIATE HATHA YOGA is for students who are interested in a faster pace, more challenging practice. This is a new name for the Level 1 class, where advanced poses are sometimes introduced, including arm balances and inversions. 


(previously Level 1)
6-week Series

5:30 Monday nights
June 20–August 8
(no class July 4 or 18)
$60 • email to register

(previously Beginners Yoga)
6-week Series

7pm Monday nights
June 20–August 8
(no class July 4 or 18)
$60 • email to register

6-week Series

5:30 Wednesday nights
June 22–August 3
$60 • email to register


10:00am on
Wednesday mornings

  • Perfect for people wanting to increase flexibility and strength with the support of a chair
  • Each pose has various levels to meet your ability & desired challenge

Drop-in $8 or $40 for 4-week series.

True Nature Yoga features

  • Hatha Yoga Basics  |  7pm Mondays   |  $60  |  6 classes  
  • Intermediate Hatha Yoga  |  5:30pm Mondays|  $60 | 6 classes  
  • Chair Yoga  |  10am Wednesdays  |  $11 or use 10-class pass ($100), open to everyone
  • Yin Yang Yoga  |  5:30pm Wednesdays|  $60 | 6 classes  
  • Drop-in Hatha Yoga  |  7pm Wednesdays & 9am Saturdays  |  $11 or use 10-class pass ($100), open to everyone
  • 45-minute Lunchtime Yoga  |  Noon Mondays & Wednesdays  |  $11 or use 10-class pass ($100), open to everyone
  • P.O.P.S. 5th-8th Grade Yoga  |  10:30am Mondays during the summer  |  $40
  • P.O.P.S. High School Yoga  |  11:30am Mondays during the summer  |  $40

See the full schedule.

Summer 2016 SCHEDULE


  • 10:30–11:15am|  5th thru 8th Grade Yoga  |  June 20-Aug. 8 (no classes July 4 or 18)  |  email to register ♥ 

  • 11:30–12:15am|  High School Yoga  |  June 20-Aug. 8 (no classes July 4 or 18)  |  email to register ♥ 

  • 5:30 – 6:45pm|  Intermediate* Hatha Yoga 6-week SERIES  (Preregistration required) ♥♥  
    Next series: June 20-Aug. 8 (no class July 4 or 18)  |  email to register

  • 7:00 – 8:15pm  |  Hatha Yoga Basics* 6-week series  (Preregistration required) ♥ 
    Next series: June 20-Aug. 8 (no class July 4 or 18)  |  email to register


  • 10:00 - 11:00pm  |  Chair Yoga (Open to everyone) 

  • 12:00 – 12:45pm|  45-min. Lunchtime DROP-IN Yoga (Open to everyone) ♥ 

  • 5:30 – 6:45pm|  Yin/Yang Yoga 6-week SERIES  (Preregistration required) ♥ 
    Next series: June 22-Aug. 3  |  email to register

  • 7:00 – 8:15pm  |  Hatha Yoga DROP-IN (Open to everyone)   

Saturday Drop-in Class

  • 9:00 – 10:15am  |  Hatha Yoga DROP-IN (Open to everyone)  


The heart icons indicate the level of challenge you can expect. 
♥ - Class is made up of mostly basic yoga poses with some additional challenges added. Suitable for beginners and experienced students alike. Step-by-stepalignment is taught and class is shown how to apply alignment to poses. 
 - More challenging poses are introduced with instruction to make them accessible. Modifications are always offered so students can practice at their own level. 

  • All classes are "drop-in" unless described as a "Series". See series descriptions for rate.

  • Drop-in rate is $11 or a 10-class pass can be purchased for $100. Series are paid for separately.
  • Student rate (includes college students): $8 drop-in, $80 10-class pass
  • 6-week series cost $60; 4-week series cost $40
  • One missed class from a Series can be made up by coming to any other class on the schedule. (Please contact Peggy ahead of time to drop in for a Yin/Yang Yoga class.) 
  • Studio Classes

  • Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Private & Small Group Sessions

  • Therapeutic Yoga

  • Yoga for Teenagers 
    & Kids

  • Athlete Programs

Private Sessions • Small Groups  • Corporate Yoga  •  Youth Programs

$60 - Private session at Evansville Mindfulness Co-op
$75 - Small group session at Evansville Mindfulness Co-op (2 or 3 individuals in your group)
$90 - Private or small group at your location
 Contact True Nature Yoga to discuss costs for larger groups at your location.

School & Youth Programs

Some of the True Nature Yoga school and youth program participants include:
• Rock County Youth Services Center
(Detention & homeless shelter)
• Badger Rock Middle School, Madison - 6th grade
• Burdge Elementary, Beloit - 5th grade
• McNeel Middle School, Beloit - Girls Soccer Team
• Evansville High School, Evansville - summer athlete program & school year wellness class

Corporate Wellness Programs

Some of True Nature Yoga corporate clients include:
• Kerry Ingredients, Inc.
• Union Bank & Trust Company
• Cricket Design Works
• Albany School District
• Evansville School District
• School District of Beloit
• Widen Enterprises
• New Self Renewal

Contact Peggy to discuss a yoga and mindfulness series at your workplace. Numerous studies have been recently published about the benefits of corporate yoga and meditation, ranging from reduced workplace injury and illness, to stress reduction and greater productivity, to increased sense of community in the workplace. Programs can be customized to fit your environment and schedule.  A package price will be calculated based on specifics of each group. Mats and props can be included in your package.

(608) 346-0169  •

True Nature Yoga studio became
Evansville Mindfulness Co-op January 1, 2015

True Nature Yoga is proud and honored to join other wellness and mindfulness instructors and coaches to maintain the space that was previously operated solely as True Nature Yoga studio. 

Located in the beautifully renovated Eager Economy Building on the restored brick Main Street of historic Evansville, Wisconsin, Evansville Mindfulness Co-op is a warmly-lit sanctuary. The wood floors and authentic barnwood and limestone walls create an indoor natural setting that's tranquil and grounding.

"When you come into this space, you feel like your busy day is far, far away. It's grounding, like a retreat!"

What students have to say about yoga with Peggy...

"That last class of the series was amazing - I went home a new woman! I felt absolutely fantastic the next day too. Thank you for your dedication and commitment - it is such a wonderful opportunity to have this caliber of yoga instruction right here in Evansville. Truly a gift."
~Cheryl (after a Yin Yang Yoga class)
"This is a great workout! I can feel it the next day way more than I thought I would. But the chair makes it easier because I don't have to worry about my balance as much. My doctor is glad I'm doing it. She recommended it!" 
–L.B. (talking about the monthly Chair Yoga series)
"I've spent years going to different therapies and I've gotten more relief out of yoga than anything else! Thank you for being here! I am so grateful to have Peggy here in Evansville!"
"Peggy's passion for yoga shows in her teaching. There's more to her classes than just a physical workout. I just feel better inside and out afterwards."
"I really appreciate Peggy's alignment directions. I come to class sometimes with an ache or pain and it's gone by the time I leave."
"I really do appreciate what you're doing for Evansville and the whole community!"

The Good Care Collective

True Nature Yoga is proud to be a member of the Good Care Collective, a collaboration of like-minded businesses dedicated to natural wellness and health and centrally located in the lower level of the historic Eager Economy Building in Evansville, WI. Members includes:

Yoga is a process.

It's a journey that takes us back - and forward - to our true self. And when we choose to align our body, mind and heart through a yoga practice, we peel away the layers of self-doubt and self-judgement that pile up throughout our lives - veiling our true self. This beautiful process allows us to unveil and reconnect with our true nature so our inner light shines!