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True Nature Yoga, LLC - hatha yoga instruction and yoga studio in Evansville, Wisconsin

Professor Paul Muller-Ortega

Professor Paul Muller-Ortega

2 Very Special Events with world-renowned
Tantric Scholar
Paul Muller-Ortega

Sept. 12 & Sept. 13-14
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“Through Neelakantha Meditation practice, the great light of consciousness, our innate nature, becomes established and available. It becomes potently present. It becomes that which we reach for naturally, spontaneously and automatically.”

-Paul Muller-Ortega

  • All classes are "drop-in" unless described as a "Series". See series descriptions for rate.

  • Drop-in rate is $10 or a 10-class pass can be purchased for $90. Series are paid for separately.
  • One missed class from a Series can be made up by coming to any drop-in class. 
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    Group Sessions

  • Therapeutic Yoga

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  • Athlete Programs

Come to a class at True Nature Yoga, or let True Nature Yoga come to you. Peggy offers small group and private sessions at the studio or at your location. 
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Mats and props are available or you can bring your own.

True Nature Yoga with
Peggy Frain

"Peggy's passion for yoga shows in her teaching. There's more to her classes than just a physical workout. I just feel better inside and out afterwards."
"I really appreciate Peggy's alignment directions. I come to class sometimes with an ache or pain and it's gone by the time I leave. I feel like I've had a massage!"

True Nature Yoga,
the studio

Located in the beautifully renovated Eager Economy Building on a cobblestone street in historic Evansville, Wisconsin, True Nature Yoga is a warmly-lit sanctuary. The wood floors and authentic barnwood and limestone walls create an indoor natural setting that's tranquil and grounding.

"When you come into this space, you feel like your busy day is far, far away. It's grounding, like a retreat!"

The Good Care Collective

True Nature Yoga is proud to be a member of the Good Care Collective, a collaboration of like-minded businesses dedicated to natural wellness and health and centrally located in the lower level of the historic Eager Economy Building in Evansville, WI. Members includes:

Share Your Passion, Teachers!

True Nature Yoga is looking for certified yoga instructors to expand our class schedule.

If you are interested in teaching at this beautiful space in northwest Rock County Wisconsin, please email your interest to Peggy Frain,   

~ Namaste ~  

Yoga is a process.

It's a journey that takes us back - and  forward - to our true self. And when we choose to align our body, mind and heart  through a yoga practice, we peel away the layers of self-doubt and self-judgement that pile up throughout our lives - veiling our true self.  This beautiful process allows us to unveil and reconnect with our true nature and let our light shine!