Class Descriptions

4-WEEK AND 6-Week Series Classes

Pre-registration is required for 4- and 6-week series. A minimum of 5 students is required or the series will be canceled. Students registered for series classes can make up one missed class of the series by attending any other class on the schedule. (Please contact Peggy before dropping into a Yin/Yang Yoga class to make sure there's enough props.)  Email to register. 

See Class Schedule for dates and times of classes.

  • Yin/Yang Yoga
    6-week Series  |  COST: $60  |  Wednesdays 5:30pm
    Yin Yoga - Long, passive holds to moderately open the joints by working the deep, dense connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, cartilage and fascia).  
    Yang Yoga - Active asana practice to bring energy and fresh blood to the muscles, heightening our awareness and flexibility. 
    The class includes some gentle Yang asana and Yin restoratives, offering a very relaxing, releasing practice. ♥
  • Hatha Yoga Basics
    6-week Series  |  COST: $60  |  Mondays 7:00pm
    Designed for students new to yoga or those who prefer a slightly slower, more instructional pace. Each class will focus on a different element of alignment which we'll practice through various poses including strengthening standing poses, releasing twists, grounding hip openers, uplifting heart-openers, centering balancing postures, and calming breath work (pranayama). ♥
  • Intermediate Hatha Yoga
    6-week Series  |  COST: $60  |  Mondays 5:30pm
    For students who would like to build greater strength and challenge themselves. Introduction to more challenging poses will include alignment instruction and demonstration. The class moves at a slightly faster pace and deeper levels of basic poses are practiced. ♥♥

Drop-in Classes

All classes are drop-in unless described as a Series. No registration required for drop-in classes.
Drop-in rate is $11 per class, or a 10-class pass can be purchased for $100.

  • Hatha Yoga  |  Instructor: Peggy Frain
    Wednesdays 7:00pm ♥-♥♥ (multi-level class)
    Saturdays 9:00am ♥-♥♥ (multi-level class)
    Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga where poses are held for 5 to 8 breaths and flow from one to the next in a connected sequence. During the hold, students are reminded to let breath flow easefully as they add and feel subtle actions and alignments in the body. Peggy guides the class through creative sequences of poses to develop strength, flexibility and awareness. Each class is different, focusing on a different part of the body or class of poses, and focusing on a different heart-centered theme. Modifications are always offered to meet the level of every student. Breath and movement are synchronized to build heat, balance the nervous system and revitalize the body and mind. 
  • 45-Minute Lunchtime Yoga ♥
    Mondays & Wednesdays 12:00–12:45pm  |  Instructor: Peggy Frain
    This rejuvenating class is suitable for new yoga students and is structured to fit into your lunch hour. A short centering begins the practice to help us "step away from the office," followed by a combination of alignment-focused Hatha and flowing Vinyasa yoga. A great way to break up your day! 
  • Chair Yoga
    Wednesdays 10:00am  |  Instructor: Peggy Frain
    For students who will benefit from the use of a chair as a prop. Class begins seated with a quiet centering and connection to our breath. As we progress, students can remain in their chair for the full class, or may choose the option to do some poses standing, using the chair as a prop. Class will end with 5 minutes of quiet meditation. (Building is equipped with an elevator) 

♥ - Appropriate for beginners
♥♥ - Appropriate for BOTH beginning and continuing students. Choose how deep you want to go into your pose!